A story like this needs some time to unfurl..... so join us over the next few months as we take a look back.

HAPPY New Year!




We knew Justin from back in the day when we all had businesses in Royal Oak. He was part of T + A even before we officially opened. He knows where the bodies are buried. (conveniently within reach of a lighter).


Bringing his wealth of business expertise to the cannabis table has had two payoffs. First, it let his inner stoner come out to make a positive contribution to our industry. Second, it allowed Brad to grow his hair. Ask him to show you his ponytail! Win, win, right!!?


A fantastic Budtender and a whole lot of fun, Nick is a get stuff done kinda guy. He introduced us to Alaskan Thunder Fuck for crying out loud! Enough said! Rock on Nick.
Melina Steggles


We spotted Melina's general awesomeness and knowledge when she was a customer. Then we pestered her to work with us until she said yes. Good things belong together. Yah, another win-win!!


Door Kicking. Identifying the 'thing' that needs whatever it needs and making sure it gets it. Or mostly gets it. Or even should have gotten it. Sometimes it's all a bit much, you know? Ah... time for a nice weed break.


Could we persuade the semi-retired music aficionado with a massive travel bug to rock it in the budtending world at T + A? Hell ya! Good music. Good times and great weed when Jake is in da house!


Legacy to legal. Rose has been at the forefront. Terpenes, strains, general uses. THC, CBD and everything in between. And oh yeah, some kinda creative juices flowing most days!


Zach works full time in the lower mainland so he spends a LOT of time on the ferry. He loves it though. No, not the ferry! The store. The vibe. The people. Zach works hard and gets stuff DONE while he's here. And oh yeah...he knows and loves SERIOUSLY GOOD WEED.

Arguably the greatest dispensary I've ever been to...

Staff is amazing. Service is impeccable. The owners are accommodating and extremely polite. I’ve never been to a better place than Alibi Cannabis. I want to personally send my gratitude to Zach. Thank you for the professionalism and courtesy you’ve extended me with your service. Absolutely unmatched.

- Chris Morabito, Google Review

Best Dispensary on the Island...

Best Dispensary on the Island!! Everyone that works there is lovely and happy to answer any and all questions. The owner is super friendly and the whole store has an amazing vibe. They also killed it on the Halloween decorations this year (I'm late on the compliment, but it still stands).

- Siena Shepard, Google Review

Our favourite cannabis shop in the CRD!...

We love popping in with Molly-dog and saying hi to Brad, Cindy and the entire crew. Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly. The 10mg drinks are an excellent wine replacement at the end of a tough day. Just enough. Excellent selection and fantastic team.

- Shelley Shultz, Google Review