the people are ready. prohibition is over.

 the story as I remember it....

back in the dirty thirties, (really).

The backstory.... (a long time ago)


There's a long history of Pendergasts and Prohibition Bustin'.

In the dirty thirties Boss Tom Pendergast ran Kansas City, Missouri. Every drop of liquor in town came through his machine. Most cops were on his payroll and he owned the judges.

It was a sweet setup. The people were thirsty, he said.


Thankfully, today, nobody holds that kind of power over judges, police, or the rest of us anymore.

And yet in our modern day, Prohibition still existed and cannabis remained illegal. Many people had criminal charges on their otherwise clearn records. All because of cannabis prohibition.

Canadians are good hearted but we're also feisty. People took to the streets to make their desire for legal cannabis known.

It took a long time. Many spoke out in favour, from all walks of life. And we were heard. Cannabis was legalized throughout our great country on Oct 17, 2018.

But even so, times don't change overnight. In many places, including here, de facto cannabis Prohibition remained.

It took a BC Supreme Court challenge, a whole lotta support from the good people of Sidney and a 'sign' from the Boss in the form of some old newspaper clippings, for owners Cindy Penderast and Brad Styles to bust through those barriers.

Together, we all did it. Welcome to Truth + Alibi, Sidney's first legal cannabis joint, selling all kinds of Health Canada approved THC, CBD and other fine products.

The People Are Ready.